Basically, super 3G 4G WIFI GSM DCS signal jammer can be tuned - 4G 4G 2600 800 2100 3G GSM 900 DCS 1800 wireless 2.4G (us version) you must be attracted to the title. YES! This is the latest high power signal scrambler. This not only stops the GSM DCS signal, but also blocks 3G 4G wireless signals, including the 4G 2100MHz wireless 4G 4G 2600MHz. Before, you can simply block one of the signals, which is the best option for you.

About a month ago, I ordered a cell phone jammer on the scene. 1001 secret service; Fifteen days later, I was told that my bag had been delivered by DHL from China. I have to pay 22 euros more. Already paid $99.80, of course I forgot to tell me. For me, the main problem is that the jammer should disrupt all the launches (DCS, 3G) to 10 meters, or even blur the phone to 1 meter! I contacted the company via email; In return, I was told to follow the editing protocol (very simple), but it didn't work: it didn't work! Then I sent a second email asking if the company had a branch in France and what measures had been taken to solve the problem. This is a week, no answer. On your BBS, I realized (late, I regret), I wasn't the only one complaining about the seller, and the last one wasn't sure to come back to me.
What should I do to replace this jamming radio price, or I haven't paid for it in my pocket?

In transactions, these jammers are easy to approach, and few cars can withstand the system. Some manufacturers are committed to protecting their cars. But it is still possible to block the closing of current vehicles.
The wave jammer prevents the remote shutdown, but does not open the vehicle. The advice is simple: check if the vehicle is properly turned off and remove valuables and paper.
Since there is no intrusion, you will find it difficult to get a refund for the theft with your insurance.
School life more and more young people have can influence of mobile phones, sometimes used in class, damage to learn and respect education personnel to listen and focus.
He asked if the government could introduce a radio wave jammer at school. "
Before Christmas, senator ChristopheBechu put forward this problem.
These intruders will need to practice at chernobyl to learn to avoid adult mobile phones! It will also be forced to ignore experiments with smart phone students, like the Swiss education server, which is open to the Internet and to use cell phones in other places to use cell phones in the teaching environment.

I suddenly remembered a report showing curious little machines hiding in raincoats and talking on the phone. Dream! Ah, see no gene generator in the head, think of their communication was tunnel cut off, and finger slight pressure, I'm in the car the reintroduction of calm and peace. This is not the time to betray yourself with suspicious laughter.
My happiness is short. Two less than fifty years old housewife, from a good family, loudly into discussion, until I stop. No black eyes, no obvious angry eyes rising heaven, will do.
When a car GPS jammer controls appalling conversations? ! During this time only the earplugs or the apple iPod. Hello autistic
There is a small piece of technical know-how on your fingertips. What have we forgotten? Like to watch movies quietly in the cinema. Do you remember when you loved not to interrupt a great game? Even devout shrines are not available. Whether the church, temple or meditation area, everyone pay attention to it and those who don't for those who suffer. The charm of a romantic evening is constantly broken by the ringing of a cell phone. In some places it is also a breach of time and money, precious and basic waste of disease. As we all know, a lot of our time's office hours have been actively calling the ringtone. Critical discussion of mobile phones can be a distraction at important meetings.